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OPTIMAS researcher new vice president of the Academy for Science and Literature Mainz

Professor Dr. Burkard Hillebrands

Professor Dr. Burkard Hillebrands, member of OPTIMAS, was elected as the spokesperson for the mathematical-scientific department of the Academy for Science and Literature Mainz (Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz), as well as vice president of the whole academy. Professor Hillebrands works at the University of Kaiserslautern as head of the magnetism group and is scientific director of the Leibniz-Institute for solid state and material sciences in Dresden (IFW Dresden).

Professor Hillebrands displaces Professor Dr. Reiner Anderl, who is know president of the academy. The Academy for Science and Literature Mainz consists of three departments: the mathematical-scientific class, the class of humanities and social sciences, and the class of music and literature. Each department consists of up to 50 members and appoints each a vice president. The mandate lasts for 4 years.

Professor Hillebrands has investigated macroscopic quantum states for a long time. He primarily focusses on supra currents and magnon quasi particles. Such particles can transport more information than electrons while consuming less energy. The scientists from Kaiserslautern use these quasi particles as fast information storage and transmission. For this they established a new field of research: Supermagnonics. For his work in the field, Hillebrands received an ERC Advanced Grant last year – one of the highest endowed awards within the European Union.

In addition, the scientist is involved in Collaborative Research Centers (SFBs) and the State Research Center for Optics and Material Sciences (OPTIMAS). Together with his Kaiserslautern colleague Professor Dr. Martin Aeschlimann and other scientists from Mainz he works for example within the SFB “Spin+X: Spin in its collective environment” to perform interdisciplinary studies with chemists, engineers and process engineers on magnetic effects. The goal is to push research towards application.

Further information on the Academy for Science and Literature Mainz can be found on www.adwmainz.de

For more information please contact:

Prof. Dr. Burkard Hillebrands
TU Kaiserslautern/Lehrstuhl für Magnetismus
E-mail: hilleb(at)physik.uni-kl.de
Phone: 0631-205-4228

Office: Sibylle Müller
E-mail: smueller(at)physik.uni-kl.de
Phone: 0631 205-4262