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Peer-Review Articles 2021


Effects of the Velocity Sequences on the Friction and Wear Performance of PEEK-Based Materials
Leyu Lin, Yuxiao Zhao, Chi Hua & Alois K. Schlarb
Tribology Letters 69, 68 (2021)

Functional Meta Lenses for Compound Plasmonic Vortex Field Generation and Control
Eva Prinz, Grisha Spektor, Michael Hartelt, Anna-Katharina Mahro, Martin Aeschlimann, and Meir Orenstein
Nano Lett. 2021, doi:10.1021/acs.nanolett.1c00625

Strain-promoted reversible spin transfer in rhombic graphene nanoflakes
Y. Zhang, J. Liu, C. Li, W. Jin, G. Lefkidis, W. Hübner
Appl. Surf. Sci. 558, 149770 (2021)

Two decades of terahertz cross-correlation spectroscopy
D. Molter, J. Klier, S. Weber, M. Kolano, J. Jonuscheit, and G. von Freymann
Applied Physics Reviews 8, 021311 (2021)

Atomistic simulation of amorphization during AlN nanoindentation
Xing Luo, Zhibo Zhang, Yongnan Xiong, Yao Shu, Jiazhen He, Kaihong Zheng, Yuan Bao, and Herbert M. Urbassek
Ceramics International 47 (2021) 15968–15978

Bosonic Continuum Theory of One-Dimensional Lattice Anyons
Martin Bonkhoff, Kevin Jägering, Sebastian Eggert, Axel Pelster, Michael Thorwart, and Thore Posske
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 163201 (2021)

Joint Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Two Cu(II) Complexes with a 1,2,3-Triazole Derivative as Ligand: SCSC Transformation and Tunable Magnetic Properties
S. Chen, B. C. Mummaneni, X. Jiang, Y. Chen, Y. Chen, G. Lefkidis, W. Hübner and L. Jia
Cryst. Growth Des. 21, 2744 (2021)

Indentation and scratching of iron by a rotating tool – a molecular dynamics study
Iyad Alabd Alhafez, Carlos J. Ruestes, Eduardo M. Bringa, Herbert M. Urbassek
Computational Materials Science 194 (2021) 110445

Collisions between micro-sized aggregates: role of porosity, mass ratio, and impact velocity
María Belén Planes, Emmanuel N. Millán, Herbert M. Urbassek, Eduardo M. Bringa
MNRAS 503, 1717–1733 (2021)

Bouncing and sticking collisions of organic nanoparticles: Atomistic study
Christian Anders and Herbert M. Urbassek
A&A 647, L13 (2021)

Symmetry of the Magnetoelastic Interaction of Rayleigh and Shear Horizontal Magnetoacoustic Waves in Nickel Thin Films on LiTaO3
M. Küß, M. Heigl, L. Flacke, A. Hefele, A. Hörner, M. Weiler, M. Albrecht, and A. Wixforth
Phys. Rev. Applied 15, 034046 (2021)

Nonreciprocal Magnetoacoustic Waves in Dipolar-Coupled Ferromagnetic Bilayers
M. Küß, M. Heigl, L. Flacke, A. Hörner, M. Weiler, A. Wixforth, and M. Albrecht
Phys. Rev. Applied 15, 034060 (2021)

Isothermal crystallization of polypropylene/titanium dioxide nanocomposites by flash scanning calorimetry
Buncha Suksut, Praphakorn Saiprasit, and Alois K. Schlarb
Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology 26 (2021) 1, S. 1-7

Quantum-inspired terahertz spectroscopy with visible photons
Mirco Kutas, Björn Haase, Jens Klier, Daniel Molter, and Georg von Freymann
Optica 8, 438 (2021)
ArXiv 2011.02759 (2020)

On the scaling of fragmentation and energy dissipation in collisions of dust aggregates
Philipp Umstätter and Herbert M. Urbassek
Granular Matter (2021) 23:33

Photosensitive Material Enabling Direct Fabrication of Filigree 3D Silver Microstructures via Laser-Induced Photoreduction
Erik Hagen Waller, Julian Karst, and Georg von Freymann
Light: Advanced Manufacturing 2, 8 (2021)

Response of an amorphous/crystalline interface to nanoindentation: an atomistic study
Karina E. Avila, Vardan Hoviki Vardanyan, Stefan Küchemann, Herbert M. Urbassek
Applied Surface Science 551 (2021) 149285

Interaction of dislocations and shear bands in cutting of an amorphous-crystalline bilayer: An atomistic study
Vardan Hoviki Vardanyan, Karina E. Avila, Stefan Küchemann, Herbert M. Urbassek
Computational Materials Science 192 (2021) 110379

Controlling the Nonlinear Relaxation of Quantized Propagating Magnons in Nanodevices
M. Mohseni, Q. Wang, B. Heinz, M. Kewenig, M. Schneider, F. Kohl, B. Lägel, C. Dubs, A. V. Chumak, and P. Pirro
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 097202 (2021)

First-principles study of the electronic and magnetic properties of Fe, Co, and Ni dimers adsorbed on polycyclic-aromatic-hydrocarbon molecules as well as the laser chirp effect on the ultrafast spin dynamics
Meng-Lin Xie, Yu-Ting Zheng, Jing Liu, Wei Jin, Chun Li, Georgios Lefkidis, and Wolfgang Hübner
Phys. Rev. B 103, 054433 (2021)

Engineering of Electron Confinement through Defect‐Based Localized Polarization on SrTiO3 Surface
Junyan Chen, Wei Liu, Tobias Eul, Mingjing Chen, Xiaoyong Hu, Shufang Wang, Anquan Jiang, Hong Yang, Martin Aeschlimann, and Qihuang Gong
Adv. Electron. Mater. 2021, 2000968

Polypropylene/poly(ethylene terephthalate) microfibrillar reinforced composites manufactured by fused filament fabrication
Miaozi Huang and Alois K. Schlarb
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2021;138:e50557

Long-Distance Ultrafast Spin Transfer over a Zigzag Carbon Chain Structure
Jing Liu, Chun Li, Wei Jin, Georgios Lefkidis, and Wolfgang Hübner
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 037402 (2021)
see also article on this publication

Mail Inspection Based on Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
Daniel Molter, Daniel Hübsch, Thorsten Sprenger, Korbinian Hens, Konstantinos Nalpantidis, Frank Platte, René Beigang, Joachim Jonuscheit, Georg von Freymann, and Frank Ellrich
Appl. Sci. 2021, 11(3), 950

Slow delocalization of particles in many-body localized phases
Maximilian Kiefer-Emmanouilidis, Razmik Unanyan, Michael Fleischhauer, and Jesko Sirker
Phys. Rev. B 103, 024203 (2021)

Non-equilibrium evolution of Bose-Einstein condensate deformation in temporally controlled weak disorder
Milan Radonjić and Axel Pelster
SciPost Phys. 10, 008 (2021)

The effect of different processing, injection molding (IM) and fused deposition modeling (FDM), on the environmental stress cracking (ESC) behavior of filled and unfilled polycarbonate (PC)
M. Z.
Huang, J. Nomai, and A. K. Schlarb
Express Polymer Letters, 2021, 15(3), 194-202

Changes in the phonon density of states of Fe induced by external strain
Robert Meyer, Lena Scherthan, Tim Hochdörffer, Sakshath Sadashivaiah, Juliusz A. Wolny, Matthias W. Klein, Marek Smaga, Tilmann Beck, Volker Schünemann & Herbert M. Urbassek
Applied Physics A 127, 5 (2021)

Dislocation structures below a nano-indent of the CoCrNi medium-entropy alloy
Iyad Alabd Alhafez, Carlos J. Ruestes, Shiteng Zhao, Andrew M. Minor, Herbert M. Urbassek
Materials Letters 283 (2021) 128821

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