Peer-Review Articles 2015

Fiber laser pumping devices based on directional coupling via fused silica ridge waveguide arrays
B. Weigand, C. Dautermann, C. Theobald, S. Wolff and J. A. L'huillier
Proc. SPIE 9344, Fiber Lasers XII: Technology, Systems, and Applications, 93440H (2015)

High-power actively Q-switched single-mode 1342 nm Nd:YVO4 ring laser, injection-locked by a cw single-frequency microchip laser
Peter Koch, Juergen Bartschke, and Johannes A. L‘huillier
Opt. Express 23, 31357-31366 (2015)

Impact of the phase-mismatch in the SHG crystal and consequential self-action of the fundamental wave by cascaded second-order effects on the THG efficiency of a Q-switched 1342 nm Nd:YVO4 laser
Peter Koch, Juergen Bartschke, and Johannes A. L‘huillier
Opt. Express 23 (10), 13648-13658 (2015)

5.7 W cw single-frequency laser at 671 nm by single-pass second harmonic generation of a 17.2  W injection-locked 1342 nm Nd:YVO4 ring laser using periodically poled MgO:LiNbO3
Peter Koch, Felix Ruebel, Juergen Bartschke, and Johannes A. L‘huillier
Appl. Opt. 54, 9954-9959 (2015)

Influence of a Second-order Kerr Lens in the SHG Crystal on the THG Efficiency and Beam Quality
P. Koch, J. Bartschke, and J. A. L'huillier
in Nonlinear Optics 2015, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2015), paper NF2A.5

Fiber Bragg grating based sensors in conventional double clad large mode area fibers
A. Nieborowsky, B. Weigand, J. Bartschke, R. Beigang, J. A. L'huillier
Proc. SPIE 9359, Optical Components and Materials XII, 93590T (2015)

Fundamental investigations of ps-laser burst-mode on common metals for an enhanced ablation process
N. Hänel, M. Stolze, T. Herrmann, J.A. L'huillier
Proc. SPIE 9351, Laser-based Micro- and Nanoprocessing IX, 93510E (2015)

50W CW output power and 12mJ pulses from a quasi-2-level Yb:YAG ceramic rod laser end-pumped at the 969nm zero-phonon line
Christian Fries, Marco Weitz, Christian Theobald, Patric v. Löwis of Menar, Jürgen Bartschke, Johannes A. L'huillier
Proc. SPIE 9342, Solid State Lasers XXIV: Technology and Devices, 93421O (February 20, 2015)

Calibration of z-axis linearity for arbitrary optical topography measuring instruments
M. Eifler, J. Seewig, J. Hering, G. von Freymann
Proc. SPIE 9525, Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection IX952510 (2015)

Videoanalyse-Aufgaben in der Experimentalphysik 1
Pascal Klein, Sebastian Gröber, Jochen Kuhn, Henning Fouckhardt, Georg von Freymann, Egbert Oesterschulze, Artur Widera, Anett Fleischhauer, and Andreas Müller
Physik und Didaktik in Schule und Hochschule, PhyDid 1/14, 1 (2015)

Cleaning of biomaterial surfaces: Protein removal by different solvents
F. Kratz, S. Grass, N. Umanskaya, C. Scheibe, C. Müller-Renno, N. Davoudi, M. Hannig, Ch. Ziegler
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 128, 28-35 (2015)

Infrared spectroscopy of N2 adsorption on size selected cobalt cluster cations in isolation
Sebastian Dillinger, Jennifer Mohrbach, Joachim Hewer, Maximilian Gaffga, and Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17, 10358 (2015)

Orbit and spin resolved magnetic properties of size selected [ConRh]+ and [ConAu]+ nanoalloy clusters
Dennis Dieleman, Matthias Tombers, Lars Peters, Jennifer Meyer, Sergey Peredkov, Jeroen Jalink, Matthias Neeb, Wolfgang Eberhardt, Theo Rasing, Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg and Andrei Kirilyuk 
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17, 28372-8 (2015)

The spin and orbital contributions to the total magnetic moments of free Fe, Co and Ni clusters
Jennifer Meyer, Matthias Tombers, Christoph van Wüllen, Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg, Sergey Peredkov, Wolfgang Eberhardt, Matthias Neeb, Steffen Palutke, Michael Martins, and Wilfried Wurth
J. Chem. Phys. 143, 104302 (2015)

Multistate-mediated rearrangements and FeCl2 elimination in dinuclear FePd complexes
Maximilian Gaffga, Isabel Munstein, Patrick Müller, Johannes Lang, Werner R. Thiel and Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg
J. Phys. Chem. A. 119 (51), 12587-12598 (2015)

Laser-induced delayed electron emission of Co4- anions
Sebastian George, Klaus Blaum, Christian Breitenfeldt, Jürgen Göck, Jonas Karthein, Thomas Kolling, Christian Meyer, Jennifer Mohrbach, Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg, Dirk Schwalm, Lutz Schweikhard, Andreas Wolf
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 635, 112054 (2015)

An ion source platform of the cryogenic storage ring (CSR)
P. M. Mishra, K. Blaum, C. Breitenfeldt, S. George, J. Göck, M. Grieser, R. von Hahn, J. Karthein, T. Kolling, C. Krantz, H. Kreckel, S. Kumar, J. Mohrbach, G. Niedner-Schatteburg, C. Meyer, R. Repnow, L. Schweikard, and A. Wolf
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 625, 112061 (2015)

Bimetallic Cu/Pd Catalysts with Bridging Aminopyrimidinyl Phosphines for Decarboxylative Cross-Coupling Reactions at Moderate Temperature
Dagmar Hackenberger, Bingrui Song, Matthias F. Grünberg, Saeid Farsadpour, Fabian Menges, Harald Kelm, Cedric Groß, Timm Wolf, Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg, Werner R. Thiel, and Lukas J. Gooßen
ChemCatChem 7, 3579-3588 (2015)

Quantum kinetic theory of localized system-reservoir interaction leading to a description of superfluid internal convection
L. Gilz, J. R. Anglin
Phys. Rev. A 92 (1), 013622 (2015)

Location and Electronic Nature of Phosphorus in the Si Nanocrystal SiO2 System
D. König, S. Gutsch, H. Gnaser, M. Wahl, J. Göttlicher, M. Kopnarski
Scientific Reports 04/2015; 5:9702 (2015)

On the role of oxidation in tribological contacts under environmental conditions
R. Merz, A. Brodyanski, M. Kopnarski
Conference Papers in Science, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, London, Volume 2015, Article ID 515498, 11 pages (2015)

Surface analysis of chain joint components after tribological load and usage of anti-wear additives
D. Sappok, R. Merz, B. Sauer, M. Kopnarski
Conference Paper in Science, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, London, Volume 2015, Article ID 407048, 12 pages (2015)

Electronic properties of phosphorus doped silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
S. Gutsch, J. Laube, D. Hiller, W. Bock, M. Wahl, M. Kopnarski, H. Gnaser, B. Puthen-Veettil, M. Zacharias
Applied Physics Letters 106, 113103 (2015)

Surface softening in metal - ceramic sliding contacts: an experimental and numerical investigation
P. Stoyanov, R. Merz, P. Romero, F.C. Wählisch, O.T. Abad, R. Gralla, P. Stemmer, M. Kopnarski, M. Moseler, R. Bennewitz, M. Dienwiebel
American Chemical Society Nano 9 (2), 1478-1491 (2015)

Monitoring of (reactive) ion etching (RIE) with reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS) equipment
L. Barzen, J. Richter, H. Fouckhardt, M. Wahl, M. Kopnarski
Applied Surface Science 328, 120-124 (2015)

Molecular cluster emission in sputtering of amino acids by argon gas-cluster ions
M. Kusakari, H. Gnaser, M. Fujii, T. Seki, T. Aoki, J. Matsuo
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 383-384, 31-37 (2015)

Characterization of ion-irradiation-induced nanodot structures on InP surfaces by atom probe tomography
H. Gnaser, T. Radny
Ultramicroscopy 159 (2), 232-239 (2015)

Influence of plasma composition on reflectance anisotropy spectra for in situ III–V semiconductor dry-etch monitoring
L. Barzen, A.-K. Kleinschmidt, J. Strassner, C. Doering, H. Fouckhardt, W. Bock, M. Wahl, M. Kopnarski
Applied Surface Science 357, 530–538 (2015)

Nanocone formation on ion-bombarded InP surfaces
D. Kramczynski, H. Gnaser
Applied Surface Science 355, 653-659 (2015)

Advancement in Heusler compounds and other spintronics material designs and applications
Shigemi Mizukami and Alexander A. Serga
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48, 160301 (2015)

All-optical characterisation of the spintronic Heusler compound Co2Mn0.6Fe0.4Si
Thomas Sebastian, Yuki Kawada, Björn Obry, Thomas Brächer, Philipp Pirro, Dmytro A. Bozhko, Alexander A. Serga, Hiroshi Naganuma, Mikihiko Oogane, Yasuo Ando, and Burkard Hillebrands
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48, 164015 (2015)

A spin-wave logic gate based on a width-modulated dynamic magnonic crystal
Andrey A. Nikitin, Alexey B. Ustinov, Alexander A. Semenov, Andrii V. Chumak, Alexander A. Serga, Vitaliy I. Vasyuchka, Erkki Lähderanta, Boris A. Kalinikos, and Burkard Hillebrands
Applied Physics Letters 106, 102405 (2015)

Sign of inverse spin Hall voltages generated by ferromagnetic resonance and temperature gradients in yttrium iron garnet|platinum bilayers
M. Schreier, G. E. W. Bauer, V. I. Vasyuchka, J. Flipse, K. Uchida, J. Lotze, V. Lauer, A. V. Chumak, A. A. Serga, S. Daimon, T. Kikkawa, E. Saitoh, B. J. van Wees, B. Hillebrands, R. Gross, S. T. B. Goennenwein
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48, 025001 (2015)

Measurements of the exchange stiffness of YIG films using broadband ferromagnetic resonance techniques
S. Klingler, A. V. Chumak, T. Mewes, B. Khodadadi, C. Mewes, C. Dubs, O. Surzhenko, B. Hillebrands, A. Conca
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48, 015001 (2015)

Stimulated Thermalization of a Parametrically Driven Magnon Gas as a Prerequisite for Bose-Einstein Magnon Condensation
P. Clausen, D. A. Bozhko, V. I. Vasyuchka, B. Hillebrands, G. A. Melkov, A. A. Serga
Phys. Rev. B 91, 220402(R) (2015)

Magnon spintronics (Invited Review)
A.V. Chumak, V.I. Vasyuchka, A.A. Serga, and B. Hillebrands
Nature Physics 11, 453 (2015)

Spin-wave logic devices based on isotropic forward volume magneto-static waves
S. Klingler, P. Pirro, T. Brächer, B. Leven, B. Hillebrands, and A.V. Chumak
Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 212406 (2015)

Thickness and power dependence of the spin-pumping effect in Y3Fe5O12/Pt heterostructures measured by the inverse spin Hall effect
M.B. Jungfleisch, A.V. Chumak, A. Kehlberger, V. Lauer, D.H. Kim, M.C. Onbasli, C.A. Ross, M. Kläui, and B. Hillebrands
Phys. Rev. B 91, 134407 (2015)

The role of the non-magnetic material in spin pumping and magnetization dynamics in NiFe and CoFeB multilayer systems
A. Ruiz-Calaforra, T. Brächer, V. Lauer, P. Pirro, B. Heinz, M. Geilen, A. Chumak, A. Conca, B. Leven, and B. Hillebrands
J. Appl. Phys. 117, 163901 (2015)

Observation of a hole-size-dependent energy shift of the surface-plasmon resonance in Ni antidot thin films
H. Fang, B. Caballero, E. M. Akinoglu, E. Th. Papaioannou, A. García-Martín, J. C. Cuevas, M. Giersig, and P. Fumagalli
Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 153104 (2015)

Length Scale of the Spin Seebeck Effect
A. Kehlberger, U. Ritzmann, D. Hinzke, E.-J. Guo, J. Cramer, G. Jakob, M.C. Onbasli, D.H. Kim, C.A. Ross, M.B. Jungfleisch, B. Hillebrands, U. Nowak, and M. Kläui
Physical Review Letters 115 (9), 096602 (2015)

Formation of Bose–Einstein magnon condensate via dipolar and exchange thermalization channels
D.A. Bozhko, P. Clausen, A.V. Chumak, Yu.V. Kobljanskyj, B. Hillebrands, and A.A. Serga
Low Temperature Physics/Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur 41 (10), 1024 (2015)

Thermal conductance of thin film YIG determined using Bayesian statistics
C. Euler, P. Hołuj, T. Langner, A. Kehlberger, V. I. Vasyuchka, M. Kläui, and G. Jakob
Phys. Rev. B 92, 094406 (2015)

Experimental observation of the interaction of propagating spin waves with Néel domain walls in a Landau domain structure
P. Pirro, T. Koyama, T. Brächer, T. Sebastian, B. Leven, and B. Hillebrands
Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 232405 (2015)

Detection of spin waves in permalloy using planar Hall effect
Yuri V. Kobljanskyj, Gennadii A. Melkov, Alexander A. Serga, Andrei N. Slavin, and Burkard Hillebrands
Physical Review Applied 4, 014014 (2015) 

Micro-focused Brillouin light scattering: imaging spin waves at the nanoscale (Review paper)
Thomas Sebastian, Katrin Schultheiss, Björn Obry, Burkard Hillebrands, and Helmut Schultheiss
Frontiers in Physics 3, 35 (2015)

Intersystem-crossing and phosphorescence rates in fac-IrIII(ppy)3: A theoretical study involving multi-reference configuration interaction wave functions
M. Kleinschmidt, C. van Wüllen, C. M. Marian
J. Chem. Phys. 142, 094301 (2015)

The spin and orbital contributions to the total magnetic moments of free Fe, Co, and Ni clusters
J. Meyer, M. Tombers, C. van Wüllen, G. Niedner-Schatteburg, S. Peredkov, W. Eberhardt, M. Neeb, S. Palutke, M. Martins, W. Wurth
J. Chem. Phys. 143, 104302 (2015)

Crystallization Behavior of Poly(lactic acid)/Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposites
J. Nomai, B. Suksut, and A. K. Schlarb
KMUTNB Int. J. Appl. Sci. Technol. 8 (4), 251–258 (2015)

Energieeffiziente Kunststoff/Metall-Gleitlagersysteme durch hybride Verstärkung
A. K. Schlarb
Jahresmagazin Ingenieurwissenschaften/Kunststofftechnik. 11/2015

Qualitätssteigerung von Bohrungen in Faserkunststoffverbunden
Untersuchung des Einflusses verschiedener Einspannstrategien

L. Heberger, S. Nissle, M. Gurka, B. Kirsch, J.C. Aurich
wt Werkstattstechnik online Jahrgang 105, H. 7/8 501-507 (2015)

Cost-Effective Microfibrillar Reinforced Composites for Lightweight Applications
T. Krooß, M. Gurka, L. Van der Schueren, L. Ruys, S. Fenske, C. Lenz
Materials Science Forum 825-826, 44-52 (2015)

Morphology of PA6 nanocomposites prepared by pressurized insertion of aqueous nanoparticle dispersions
I. Hassinger, M. Gurka
Nanocomposites 2015; 1(2), 63-70 (2015)

From attached shape memory alloy wires to integrated active elements, a small step? Impact of local effects on direct integration in fiber reinforced plastics
M. Hübler, M. Gurka, U. Breuer
Journal of Composite Materials 49, 1895-1905 (2015)

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Periodic Nanostructuring of Au with Ultrashort UV Laser Pulses near the Damage Threshold
D. S. Ivanov, V. P. Lipp, A. Blumenstein, F. Kleinwort, V. P. Veiko, E. Yakovlev, V. Roddatis, M. E. Garcia, B. Rethfeld, J. Ihlemann, and P. Simon
Phys. Rev. Applied 4, 064006 (2015)

Time-resolved IR spectroscopy of a trinuclear palladium complex in solution
M. Zimmer, F. Rupp, P. Singer, F. Walz, F. Breher, W. Klopper, R. Diller and M. Gerhards
Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. 17, 14138 (2015)

Ground-state properties of anyons in a one-dimensional lattice
Guixin Tang, Sebastian Eggert, and Axel Pelster
New J. Phys. 17, 123016 (2015)

Dissipative Two-Mode Tavis-Cummings Model with Time-Delayed Feedback Control
W. Kopylov, M. Radonjic, T. Brandes, A. Balaz, and A. Pelster
Phys. Rev. A 92, 063832 (2015)

Spin-charge-separated quasiparticles in one-dimensional quantum fluids
F. H. L. Essler, R. G. Pereira, and I. Schneider
Phys. Rev. B 91, 245150 (2015)

Topological states on the gold surface
B. Yan, B. Stadtmüller, N. Haag, S. Jakobs, J. Seidel, D. Jungkenn, S. Mathias, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann and C. Felser
Nature Communications 6, 10167 (2015)
see also article on this publication

Neutral impurities in a Bose-Einstein condensate for simulation of the Fröhlich-polaron
M. Hohmann, F. Kindermann, B. Gänger, T. Lausch, D. Mayer, F. Schmidt and A. Widera
EPJ Quantum Technology 2, 23 (2015)

Photoelectron imaging of modal interference in plasmonic whispering gallery cavities
Pascal Melchior, Deirdre Kilbane, Ernst Jan Vesseur, Albert Polman, and Martin Aeschlimann
Optics Express 23 (25), 31619 (2015)

Process-Morphology-Property-Relationships of Titania-filled Polypropylene Nanocomposites
Alois K. Schlarb, Leyu Lin, Dwi Suwitaningsih, Buncha Suksut
International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering– IJCSE 2 (2), ISSN : 2372-3971 (2015)

Investigation on morphology and properties of melt compounded polyoxymethylene/carbon nanotube composites
L.Y. Lin, A.K. Schlarb
J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 132 (40), 42639 (2015)

Mechanisms of Friction and Wear Reduction by Carbon Fiber Reinforcement of PEEK
X.-Q. Pei, R. Bennewitz, A.K. Schlarb
Tribol. Lett. 58:42 (2015)

Vibration Welding of Nano-TiO2 Filled Polypropylene
Lin, L.Y. and Schlarb, A. K.:
Polymer Engineering and Science 55 (2), 243-250 (2015)

Plasma resonance of binary amorphous and crystalline Al-transition metal alloys: Experiments and ab initio calculations
M. Stiehler, S. Kaltenborn, S.S.A. Gillani, P. Pudwell, H.C. Schneider, P. Häussler
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 202, 102–106 (2015)

Inelastic electron lifetimes in simple metals: Influence of spin-orbit coupling
Steffen Kaltenborn and Hans Christian Schneider
Phys. Status Solidi RRL 9, 436–439 (2015)

Magnetic switching dynamics due to ultrafast exchange scattering: A model study
Alexander Baral and Hans Christian Schneider
Phys. Rev. B 91, 100402(R) (2015)

Effect of swift-ion irradiation on DNA molecules: A molecular dynamics study using the REAX force field
Dominik Bottländer, Christian Mücksch, Herbert M. Urbassek
Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B 365, 622 (2015)

Dynamically probing ultracold lattice gases via Rydberg molecules
T. Manthey, T. Niederprüm, O. Thomas and H. Ott
New J. Phys. 17 (2015) 103024

Many-body physics of Rydberg dark-state polaritons in the strongly interacting regime
Matthias Moos, Michael Höning, Razmik Unanyan, and Michael Fleischhauer
Phys. Rev. A 92, 053846 (2015)

Negative Differential Conductivity in an Interacting Quantum Gas
Ralf Labouvie, Bodhaditya Santra, Simon Heun, Sandro Wimberger, and Herwig Ott
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 050601 (2015)

Giant Cross Section for Molecular Ion Formation in Ultracold Rydberg Gases
Thomas Niederprüm, Oliver Thomas, Torsten Manthey, Tobias M. Weber, and Herwig Ott
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 013003 (2015)

Three-Dimensional µ-Printing: An Enabling Technology
J. K. Hohmann, M. Renner, E. H. Waller, and G. von Freymann
Adv. Optical. Mater. 3(11) 1488-1507 (2015)

THz waveform generation for S21-parameter measurements using a fiber-coupled optical pulse shaper
Jan-Martin Rämer and Georg von Freymann
Optics Express 23, 30872 (2015)

Influence of phase transition on shock-induced spallation in nanocrystalline iron
Nina Gunkelmann, Eduardo M. Bringa, and Herbert M. Urbassek
J. Appl. Phys. 118, 185902 (2015)

Ab initio theory for femtosecond spin dynamics, angle-resolved fidelity analysis and the magneto-optical Kerr effect in Ni3(CH3OH) and Co+3(CH3OH) clusters
D. Chaudhuri, W. Jin, G. Lefkidis, and W. Hübner
J. Chem. Phys. 143, 174303 (2015)

Strain effect on the ultrafast spin switching of cobalt-doped carbon fullerenes
C. Li, J. Liu, S. Zhang, G. Lefkidis, and W. Hübner
IEEE Trans. Magn. 51, 2900505 (2015)

Hydrodynamics of binary mixtures of granular gases with stochastic coefficient of restitution
D. Serero, N. Gunkelmann, and T. Pöschel
J. Fluid Mech. 781, 595621 (2015)

The elastic–plastic transition in nanoparticle collisions
Emmanuel N. Millán, Diego R. Tramontina,  Herbert M. Urbassek and Eduardo M. Bringa
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., DOI: 10.1039/C5CP05150A

Collision-spike Sputtering of Au Nanoparticles
Luis Sandoval and Herbert M. Urbassek
Nanoscale Research Letters 10, 314 (2015)

Influence of Substrate Material on Radiation Characteristics of THz Photoconductive Emitters
Jens Klier, Garik Torosyan, Nina Susan Schreiner, Daniel Molter, Frank Ellrich, Wissem Zouaghi, Emilien Peytavit, Jean-François Lampin, René Beigang, Joachim Jonuscheit, and Georg von Freymann
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation 2015, 540175 (2015)

Terahertz time domain spectroscopy for carrier lifetime mapping in the picosecond to microsecond regime
Jens Neu and Marco Rahm
Opt. Express 23, 12900-12909 (2015)

Controlling the Spin Texture of Topological Insulators by Rational Design of Organic Molecules
Sebastian Jakobs, Awadhesh Narayan, Benjamin Stadtmüller, A. Droghetti, Ivan Rungger, Yew San Hor, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Dominik Jungkenn, Johannes Stöckl, Martin Laux, Oliver L.A. Monti, Martin Aeschlimann, Robert J. Cava, Mario Ruben, Stefan Mathias, Stefano Sanvito, and Mirko Cinchetti
Nano Lett. 15 (9), 6022-6029 (2015)

Perfect absorption in nanotextured thin films via Anderson-localized photon modes
Martin Aeschlimann, Tobias Brixner, Dominik Differt, Ulrich Heinzmann, Matthias Hensen, Christian Kramer, Florian Lükermann, Pascal Melchior, Walter Pfeiffer, Martin Piecuch, Christian Schneider, Helmut Stiebig, Christian Strüber und Philip Thielen
Nature Photonics 9, 663-668 (2015)
see also article on this publication

Symmetrically substituted phenothiazine as prospective candidate for UV responsive dye sensitized solar cells
Mathias Fingerle, Maximilian Hemgesberg, Stefan Lach, Werner R. Thiel, Christiane Ziegler
Thin Solid Films 591 (A), 8-12 (2015)

Photoemission Studies on N-Substituted Dithienylated Phenothiazines
Mathias Fingerle, Maximilian Hemgesberg, Yvonne Schmitt, Stefan Lach, Markus Gerhards, Werner R. Thiel and Christiane Ziegler
ChemPhysChem, 16 (9), 1996-2005 (2015)

Nanomechanical properties of the sea-water bacterium Paracoccus seriniphilus - A scanning force microscopy approach
Neda Davoudi, Christine Müller-Renno, Christiane Ziegler, Indek Raid, Jörg Seewig, Christin Schlegel, Kai Muffler and Roland Ulber
Biointerphases 10, 019004 (2015)

Cleaning of titanium substrates after application in a bioreactor
Mathias Fingerle, Oliver Köhler, Christina Rösch, Fabian Kratz, Christian Scheibe, Neda Davoudi, Christine Müller-Renno, Christiane Ziegler, Manuel Huster, Christin Schlegel, Roland Ulber, Martin Bohley and Jan C. Aurich
Biointerphases 10, 019007 (2015)

Spatial correlations and optical properties in three-dimensional deterministic aperiodic structures
M. Renner and G. von Freymann
Scientific Reports 5, 13129 (2015)

Influence of alkylphosphonic acid grafting on the electronic and magnetic properties of La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 surfaces
Marta Galbiati, Sergio Tatay, Sophie Delprat, Clément Barraud, Vincent Cros, Eric Jacquet, Fernando Coloma, Fadi Choueikani, Edwige Otero, Philippe Ohresser, Norman Haag, Mirko Cinchetti, Martin Aeschlimann, Pierre Seneor, Richard Mattana, Frédéric Petroff
Applied Surface Science 353, 24-28 (2015)

Spin optics: Between two spins
Mirko Cinchetti
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 489-490 (2015)

Tunable anisotropic superfluidity in an optical kagome superlattice
Xue-Feng Zhang, Tao Wang, Sebastian Eggert, and Axel Pelster
Phys. Rev. B 92, 014512 (2015)

Renormalization group approach to the Fröhlich polaron model: application to impurity-BEC problem
F. Grusdt, Y. E. Shchadilova, A. N. Rubtsov, and E. Demler
Scientific Reports 5, 12124 (2015)

Isostructural elemental crystals in the presence of hot carriers
Isabel Klett, Tobias Zier, Baerbel Rethfeld, Martin E. Garcia, and Eeuwe S. Zijlstra
Phys. Rev. B 91, 144303 (2015)

Scanning electron microscopy of cold gases
Bodhaditya Santra and Herwig Ott
J. Phys. B.: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 48, 122001 (2015)

Laser Ablation of Nanoparticles: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Riser Fahdiran and Herbert M. Urbassek
Advanced Materials Research 1112, 120-123 (2015)

Temperature-induced phase transformation of Fe1−xNix alloys: molecular-dynamics approach
Emilia Sak-Saracino and Herbert M. Urbassek
Eur. Phys. J. B 88: 169 (2015)

Vibron-assisted spin relaxation at a metal/organic interface
A. Droghetti, I. Rungger, M. Cinchetti, and S. Sanvito
Phys. Rev. B 91, 224427 (2015)

3D Non-destructive Imaging of Punctures in Polyethylene Composite Armor by THz Time Domain Spectroscopy
N. Palka, R. Panowicz, F. Ospald, and R. Beigang
J Infrared Milli Terahz Waves 36 (8), 770-788 (2015)

Hot electron lifetimes in metals probed by time-resolved two-photon photoemission
M. Bauer, A. Marienfeld, and M. Aeschlimann
Progress in Surface Science 90, 319 (2015)

Consequences of Hydrocarbon Contamination for Wettability and Protein Adsorption on Graphite Surfaces
Christian Mücksch, Christina Rösch, Christine Müller-Renno, Christiane Ziegler, and Herbert M. Urbassek
J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 12496-12501 (2015)

Growing quantum states with topological order
Fabian Letscher, Fabian Grusdt, and Michael Fleischhauer
Phys. Rev. B 91, 184302 (2015)

Monte Carlo simulation of electron dynamics in liquid water
K. Huthmacher, A. Herzwurm, M. Gnewuch, K. Ritter and B. Rethfeld
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 429, 242 (2015)
see also article on this publication

Optically-Reconfigurable Magnetic Materials
M. Vogel, A. V. Chumak, E. H. Waller, T. Langner, V. I. Vasyuchka, B. Hillebrands, and G. von Freymann
Nature Physics AOP doi:10.1038/nphys3325 (2015)

A Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy-Based Network Analyzer
J.-M. Rämer, and G. von Freymann
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33, 403 (2015)

Highly collimated monoenergetic target-surface electron acceleration in near-critical-density plasmas
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see also article on this publication

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see also article on this publication

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