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Intensive Week - Laser Cooling

The intensive week will give an introduction to the field of laser cooling. For a whole week, morning lectures and seminars will be complemented by afternoon lab-work to investigate tools, apply methods and realize some of the phenomena that are discussed theoretically.


  • Laser sources in theory and experiment - we will construct a laser based on a new ultra-stable design. Furthermore we will experimentally compare the laser properties of various designs
  • Laser spectroscopy and locking schemes in theory and experiment - we will setup and compare .
  • Laser cooling - we will experimentally realize an ultra cold sample of matter in a magneto-optical trap.
  • We will discuss the foundations of selected laser cooling schemes, based on, for example, Raman sideband transitions or electro-magnetically induced transparency. 

Technical information

Duration: October 17 - October 21, 2016

Location: 46-576 and AG Ott Labs

Lecturers: M. Fleischhauer, H. Ott, A. Pelster, A. Widera (website iweek)

Language: English

Group size: Targeted 10-12 participants - Application required, apply here

Target group: Students with experience in atomic physics and quantum mechanics lectures

Application ends: extended - Sep 25

Application status: will be communicated September 26

Kick-off meeting: will be announced


Groups of 2-3 students will investigate one of the following topics in a laboratory project and present in our final meeting during the last day of the week:

  1. Laser sources and design - including theoretically considerations for laser design (Seminar talk) and experimental construction of a laser based on a novel, stable laser design
  2. Laser properties and applications to precision physics - including comparison of two work-horse laser designs for quantum optical applications
  3. Laser spectroscopy techniques - including discussion and comparison of various methods to probe the atomic level structure by laser radiation in theory (Seminar talk) and experiment
  4. Laser cooling - including theoretical background (Seminar talk) and experimental realization in a magneto-optical trap
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