Peer-Review Articles 2024

Rydberg Platform for Nonergodic Chiral Quantum Dynamics
Riccardo J. Valencia-Tortora, Nicola Pancotti, Michael Fleischhauer, Hannes Bernien, and Jamir Marino
Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 223201 (2024)

All-optical switching in Cr- and Mn-doped L⁢10 Fe⁢Pt thin films
Martin Stiehl, Stephan Wust, Nataliia Schmidt, Tobias Dannegger, Johannes Seyd, Marco Berritta, Peter M. Oppeneer, Manfred Albrecht, Ulrich Nowak, and Martin Aeschlimann
Phys. Rev. Applied 21, 054064 (2024)

Wide-range resistivity characterization of semiconductors with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Joshua Hennig, Jens Klier, Stefan Duran, Kuei-Shen Hsu, Jan Beyer, Christian Röder, Franziska C. Beyer, Nadine Schüler, Nico Vieweg, Katja Dutzi, Georg von Freymann, and Daniel Molter
Optics Express 32, 21028-21041 (2024)

Dual-oscillator infrared electro-optic sampling with attosecond precision
Alexander Weigel, Philip Jacob, Wolfgang Schweinberger, Marinus Huber, Michael Trubetskov, Patrik Karandušovský, Christina Hofer, Theresa Buberl, Tatiana Amotchkina, Maximilian Högner, Daniel Hahner, Philipp Sulzer, Alfred Leitenstorfer, Vladimir Pervak, Ferenc Krausz, and Ioachim Pupeza
Optica 11, 726-735 (2024)

Revealing hidden spin polarization in centrosymmetric van der Waals materials on ultrafast timescales
B. Arnoldi, S. L. Zachritz, S. Hedwig, M. Aeschlimann, O. L. A. Monti, and B. Stadtmüller
Nat. Commun. 15, 3573, (2024)

Ferroelectric Properties of Polymer–Semiconductor Hybrid Material or Composite under Optical Excitation
Michael Kober, David Smykalla, Bernd Ploss, Maria Wächtler, Krishan Kumar, Michael Stelter, and Sebastian Engel
Polymers 2024, 16, 929

Molecular Dyad vs Multi-component Approach – Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution by Combining Oligothiophene Photosensitizers with [FeFe]-hydrogenase Mimics
Chizuru Kasahara, Katharina Rediger, Mathias Micheel, Phil Liebing, Stefanie Gräfe, Stephan Kupfer, Maria Wächtler, Wolfgang Weigand
ChemCatChem 2024, doi:10.1002/cctc.202400247

Nanoscaled magnon transistor based on stimulated three-magnon splitting
Xu Ge, Roman Verba, Philipp Pirro, Andrii V. Chumak, and Qi Wang
Appl. Phys. Lett. 124, 122413 (2024)

Broadband Mode Division Multiplexing of OAM-Modes by a Micro Printed Waveguide Structure
Julian Schulz and Georg von Freymann
Adv. Optical Mater. 2024, 2302597

Chiral quantum router with Rydberg atoms
Nikolaos E. Palaiodimopoulos, Simon Ohler, Michael Fleischhauer, and David Petrosyan
Phys. Rev. A 109, 032622 (2024)

Adaptive model for the optical properties of excited gold
P. D. Ndione, S. T. Weber, D. O. Gericke, and B. Rethfeld
Phys. Rev. B 109, 115148 (2024)

Role of porosity on silica immobilized palladium complexes as recyclable catalysts in the methoxycarbonylation of 1-hexene
Saphan O. Akiri, Benjamin Heider, Stefan Lach, Christiane Ziegler, Wolfgang Kleist, Stephen O. Ojwach
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 372 (2024) 113092

Ta+ and Nb+ + CO2: Intersystem crossing in ion-molecule reactions
M. E. Huber, T. W. R. Lewis, M. Meta, S. G. Ard, Y. Liu, B. C. Sweeny, H. Guo, M. Oncák, N. S. Shuman, and J. Meyer
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2024, 26, 8670

Comprehensive Profile and Areal Calibration by Additively Manufactured Material Measures
Matthias Eifler, Julian Hering-Stratemeier, Georg von Freymann, and Jörg Seewig
Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties 12, 015013 (2024)

Indication of critical scaling in time during the relaxation of an open quantum system
Ling-Na Wu, Jens Nettersheim, Julian Feß, Alexander Schnell, Sabrina Burgardt, Silvia Hiebel, Daniel Adam, André Eckardt, and Artur Widera
Nat. Commun. 15, 1714 (2024)
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Disentangling the multiorbital contributions of excitons by photoemission exciton tomography
Wiebke Bennecke, Andreas Windischbacher, David Schmitt, Jan Philipp Bange, Ralf Hemm, Christian S. Kern, Gabriele D’Avino, Xavier Blase, Daniel Steil, Sabine Steil, Martin Aeschlimann, Benjamin Stadtmüller, Marcel Reutzel, Peter Puschnig, G. S. Matthijs Jansen, and Stefan Mathias
Nat. Commun. 15, 1804 (2024)

Nonlinear erasing of propagating spin-wave pulses in thin-film Ga:YIG
D. Breitbach, M. Bechberger, B. Heinz, A. Hamadeh, J. Maskill, K. Levchenko, B. Lägel, C. Dubs, Q. Wang, R. Verba, and P. Pirro
Appl. Phys. Lett. 124, 092405 (2024)

Local temperature control of magnon frequency and direction of supercurrents in a magnon Bose-Einstein condensate
Matthias R. Schweizer, Franziska Kühn, Victor S. L'vov, Anna Pomyalov, Georg von Freymann, Burkard Hillebrands, and Alexander A. Serga
Appl. Phys. Lett. 124, 092402 (2024)

Local thermal conditions influencing the mechanical properties of recycled polypropylene as a filament for fused filament fabrication
Itsari Phuangmali, Yao Xu, Miaozi Huang, Chong Sun, Leyu Lin, and Alois K. Schlarb
Polymer 296 (2024) 126812

Self-Assembly of the Chiral Donor−Acceptor Molecule DCzDCN on Cu(100)
Robert Ranecki, Benedikt Baumann, Stefan Lach, and Christiane Ziegler
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2024, 16, 7, 9108–9116

Persistent magnetic coherence in magnets
T. Makiuchi, T. Hioki, H. Shimizu, K. Hoshi, M. Elyasi, K. Yamamoto, N. Yokoi, A. A. Serga, B. Hillebrands, G. E. W. Bauer, and E. Saitoh
Nature Materials (2024) doi:10.1038/s41563-024-01798-z

Ion molecule reaction dynamics for disentangling competing reactive pathways
M. Meta and J. Meyer
Mol. Phys. e2293228 (2024)

Bose-Einstein condensates and the thin-shell limit in anisotropic bubble traps
E.J.P. Biral, N.S. Móller, A. Pelster, and F.E.A. dos Santos
New J. Phys. 26, 013035 (2024)

Anisotropy-assisted magnon condensation in ferromagnetic thin films
Therese Frostad, Philipp Pirro, Alexander A. Serga, Burkard Hillebrands, Arne Brataas, and Alireza Qaiumzadeh, 
Phys. Rev. Res. 6, L012011 (2024)

Coherent off-axis terahertz tomography addressing a multi-channel array with f-theta optics
Karl Henrik May, Shiva Mohammadzadeh, Andreas Keil, Georg von Freymann, Fabian Friederich
Sensors 24, 529 (2024)

Coherent and incoherent magnons induced by strong ultrafast demagnetization in thin permalloy films
Anulekha De, Akira Lentfert, Laura Scheuer, Benjamin Stadtmüller, Georg von Freymann, Martin Aeschlimann, and Philipp Pirro
Phys. Rev. B 109, 024422 (2024)

Griffiths phase in a facilitated Rydberg gas at low temperatures
Daniel Brady, Jana Bender, Patrick Mischke, Simon Ohler, Thomas Niederprüm, Herwig Ott, and Michael Fleischhauer
Phys. Rev. Research 6, 013052 (2024)

Bose-Einstein condensation in systems with flux equilibrium
Victor S. L’vov, Anna Pomyalov, Sergey V. Nazarenko, Dmytro A. Bozhko, Alexander J.E. Kreil, Burkard Hillebrands, and Alexander A. Serga
Phys. Rev. B 109, 014301 (2024)

Structural changes in a metallic glass under cyclic indentation
Karina E. Avila, Vardan Hoviki Vardanyan, and Herbert M. Urbassek
Applied Physics A (2024) 130:22