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OPTIMAS - Vision: The State Research Center OPTIMAS promotes science, professional and extracurricular reputation, combined with excellent, science-driven teaching and promotion of young scientists, in selected topics of optics and materials science. The goal is successful participation in national and international competitions of scientific excellence.

OPTIMAS - Mission: OPTIMAS fosters its members and topics according to strict selection criteria. Only those who are scientifically successful and contribute actively and substantially to an OPTIMAS topic area can become members of OPTIMAS. Interdisciplinarity and active contributions to the reputation of OPTIMAS, combined with a commitment to teaching and the promotion of young scientists, are essential aspects. OPTIMAS selects topics to be worked on in a joint procedure of its members. Criteria are the scientific potential, the gain in professional and external reputation to be expected for OPTIMAS, and the potential for national and international coordinated interdisciplinary projects. The current topics are given by Spin+X, OSCAR, 3MET and TopDyn. Read more



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