OCZDP research projects

Modelling of laser matter interaction: response of the electronic and atomic subsystems to ultra short UV radiation
Dr. B. Rethfeld and Prof. Dr. H. M. Urbassek

Ab initio calculations, synthesis and characterization of new homo- and heterodinuclear complexes with novel spin properties
Prof. Dr. W. Hübner and Prof. Dr. H.-J. Krüger

Combined fluorescence, IR and surface spectroscopic charac­teri­za­tion of electronically excited states of metal containing substances
Prof. Dr. M. Gerhards and Prof. Dr. M. Aeschlimann

Characterization of protein films on glass surfaces
Prof. Dr. C. Ziegler and Prof. Dr. M. Kopnarski

Preparation, characterization, and effect of suboxidic particles at the nanoscale in polymeric matrices
Prof. Dr. G. Niedner-Schatteburg, Prof. Dr. A. K. Schlarb and Prof. Dr. M. Kopnarski

Plasmonics in organic-inorganic hybrid systems
Prof. Dr. M. Aeschlimann and Prof. Dr. C. Ziegler

Hybrid systems of metamaterials and quantum oscillators
Prof. Dr. M. Fleischhauer and Jun.-Prof. Dr. M. Rahm

High frequency spin currents in magnetic nanostructures
Prof. Dr. H. C. Schneider and Prof. Dr. B. Hillebrands